All our Ingredients products are Halal and Kosher certified except cheese.

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Milk Replacers

Prestige® and Protelac® milk ingredients – Precision engineered for maximum performance in your formulation.

Milk Replacers:
For Ice Cream

Soft serve, hard ice cream,
premium ice cream,
ice cream mixes.

Milk Replacers:
For Cultured

Yogurt, Greek yogurt, sour cream and cultured buttermilk.

Milk Replacers:
For Beverages

Smoothies, nutritional drinks, food supplements, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, cappuccinos, other foaming drinks.

Milk Replacers:
For Bakery

Dry bakery mixes, muffins,
pie fillings, icing.

Milk Replacers:
For Confectionary

Chocolate coatings/compounds, milk chocolate, chocolate centres (creams, nougats, toffee/caramel).

Milk Replacers:
For Prepared Food

Soups, sauces/gravies, puddings, salad dressing, dry bakery mixes, muffins, pie fillings, icing.

Whey Powder and Whey Replacers

Whey Powders are a very simple form of Milk Replacers. Whey Replacers can be used in the same applications as Milk Replacers and are designed as alternates to Whey Powders.

Functional Proteins

Dairy-Lo® and Eggstend® are more than just fat and egg replacement systems. Whey protein concentrates for all your product needs.

Dairy Powders

Most recipes that call for cream, cream cheese, yogourt, baker’s cheese, sour cream or buttermilk can use our Dariplus Powders.

Milk Powders

Skim Milk Powders and Whole Milk Powders simply replace liquid milk. Dariplus 500 Whole Milk Powder is designed specifically for chocolate.

Fluid & Evaporated

Simply concentrated versions of Milk, Cream, Sweetened Milk and Milk Replacers. Sweetened Condensed Milk is typically used in confectionary.

Dairy Protein Concentrates

Protein concentrates contain extra Protein for better functionality. They too work in many of the applications that call for Milk Replacers. 


Parmalat's quality cheeses deliver a fresh premium taste, with a wide range of products and formats.


Finest quality butter with a smooth and creamy taste. Delivers exceptional taste and quality.

Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese designed for superior performance in today's baking industry.

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