Cream Cheese

Recipes / Applications


Beatrice Best cream cheese is our most versatile firm cream cheese ideally suited for cheesecakes and fillings.  It has a very clean creamy and buttery flavour.  Beatrice Best Light is a lower MF version of our Beatrice Best where a lower fat is needed. 

Beatrice Winnipeg Style is a spreadable cream cheese product. This makes it ideal for lighter textured bakery filling applications, dips or sauces. It also delivers a distinct cultured flavour for a rich, creamy taste. 
Beatrice Spreadable cream cheese has a higher MF with a very smooth spreadable consistency ideal for mousses and creamy bakery fillings. 

Lactantia Regular cream cheese has a  pronounced cultured and cheesy flavour notes, and has only one stabilizing gum for a cleaner label.  Excellent all purpose cream cheese. 

Featured Brands

Beatrice Best Regular
Beatrice Best Light -19%
Beatrice Spreadable - 33%
Winnipeg Style

Lactantia Regular
Lactantia Light - 23%
Lactantia 33% Cream cheese

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